ERPmine v4.2 Released

Added by Arun T 28 days ago

Release Notes:

- Interview process
- Reimbursements
- Skill set for users
- Need validation while importing spent time
- Annonymous survey response
- Attachments for user and transaction
- Show narration on mouse over for transaction list
- Bar chart for transaction ledger
- Calculate tax automatically when somebody gets a increment
- Add unbilled items for generated invoice
Bug fixes:
- Page error in reviewer survey update
- Getting old contract number in invoice
- Showing wrong currency symbol in notifications
- Need join date validation in user payroll settings
- Hide debit ledger in payroll settings
- Page error in user payroll settings due to termination date
- Make the cells read only in timesheet once hours was billed
- Separate the total and remove the unwanted space in reports
- Account filter not working on payments
- Map alignment issue in activities
- Set default unit of measure in shipment
- Page error in asset and material reports on spent time
- Need to Round off the decimal values in invoice
- Spent time dropdown is not visible in German language
- Currency is always showing '$'
- No Pagination in Shipment module

ERPmine v4.1 Released

Added by Arun T 5 months ago

Release Notes:

- Add attachments in time and expense
- Individual approvers per project for timesheets
- Add logo to locations
- Add PDF for time, expense and payroll list pages
- Add PDF for time and invoice detail pages
- Notifications for additional emails
- Add map for activity and assets
- Add separate tab for leave request
- Add reviewer comment for leave request detail page
- Change supervisor filters into dropdown
- Add email notifications
- Add default currency for inventory and purchase modules
Bug Fixes:
- Remove unnecessary settings configuration in time and expense
- Asset Chart starts with zero
- Survey response page not aligned
- Show on map filter is not saved in session
- Error in receive leave notification Permission
- Asset report should not visible for non privileged users
- Add date range label in asset report
- Remove intermediate page for new time and expense modules

ERPmine v4.0.4 Released

Added by Arun T 7 months ago

Release Notes:

- Add issue logger for Asset on spent time
Bug Fixes:
- Cannot edit non time entries on spent time
- Show on map doesn't work for non time entries on spent time

ERPmine v4.0 Released

Added by Arun T 9 months ago

Release Notes

- Geo location for Spent time
- Geo location on Attendance
- Geo location for CRM
- Map for Location module
- Start/Stop log time for issue
- Dispose Assets
- New Permission for dashboard, Attendance admin
- New Permission for Payroll admin, leave Notification
- Show asset current value in asset detail
- Print survey response
- Show average scores for survey response
- Monthly trending chart for surveys
- AP Ageing Report
Bug Fixes:
- Do not show all direct income and expenses in Trail Balance Report
- User payroll setting page error
- Asset detail save issue
- Change gem source
- Cells are not editable when previous week template is used
- Check User if already answered the survey
- Remove the TE display settings
- Change Indian Income tax slab

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