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h1. ERPmine 

 ERPmine is a free open source ERP for Service Industries.    This ERP can be used by Companies which work on client projects and bill them based on the work completed.    Examples are Call centres, BPO, IT Consulting companies, Construction Companies etc,.    It runs on "Redmine": .    Following are the modules; 

 h1. Modules 

 * [[Time_and_Expense|Time and Expense]] 
 * [[Attendance]] 
 * [[Payroll]] 
 * [[CRM]] 
 * [[Billing]] 
 * [[Purchasing]] 
 * [[Inventory]] 
 * [[Accounting]] 
 * "Project Management": 

 h1. Modules 

 |[[Time_and_Expense|Time and Expense]] 
 * Submit Timesheet & Expense Sheet 
 * Send Non Submission Reminders 
 * Print Time Sheet & Expense Sheet| 
 * Clock In / Clock Out 
 * Check Leave Status 
 * Integrate with Attendance / Time clock devices 
 * Schedule Employee Shifts| 
 * Setup Payroll data 
 * Generate Salary 
 * Report – Salary Register 
 * Report – Salary Slip| 
 * Create Leads, Opportunities 
 * Convert to Accounts & Contacts 
 * Report - Lead Conversion 
 * Report - Sales Activity| 
 * Generate Invoices 
 * Preview unmilled charges 
 * Accept Payments| 
 * Create RFQ, Quote and PO 
 * Create Supplier Invoice and Supplier Payments 
 * Purchasing Cycle Report| 
 * Create Products, Items and Assets 
 * Log Material & Asset entries 
 * Stock & Asset Report| 
 * Create Ledgers 
 * Post Transactions 
 * Balance Sheet and P/L| 
 |"Project Management": || 

 {{video(, 80%, 400px)}} 

 h1. [[Resources]] 

 # "Overview": 
 # "User Guide": 
 # "Scheduling Shifts": 

 h1. Current Release 

 The current release can be downloaded from    [[Download|Downloads Page]] or "Github": 

 h1. [[Plugins]] 

 # "Resident Management": 
 Resident Plugin can be used in place where we are managing residents like Vacation homes, Apartment Leasing Companies, Senior Living Homes etc. 

 h1. Test / Sandbox 

 A "Test / Sandbox": environment is available for ERPmine, please feel free to use it to check out the features.  

 h1. [[Who_Uses_ERPmine|Who Uses ERPmine]] 

 here is the [[Who_Uses_ERPmine|list]] of some of the    companies using ERPmine 

 h1. Adhi Software 

 ERPmine is wholly funded by "Adhi Software": 

 Please feel free to "contact": Adhi Software for any requests on 
 * Customization 
 * Support 
 * Hosting