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08:03 PM ERPmine Feature #48 (New): Dashboards
Have Dashboards as a separate tab and show metrics like
- revenue per month
- invoice by month
- lead conversion r...
06:47 AM ERPmine ERPmine 3.3 Released
- Supervisor feature
- Issue view is introduced for Timesheets
06:41 AM ERPmine Bug #24 (Closed): Billing- dublicate values in unbilled invoice when it is not a itemized bill
06:40 AM ERPmine Feature #39 (Closed): Supervisor Feature
06:39 AM ERPmine Feature #40 (Closed): Issue View for Timesheet
06:37 AM ERPmine Feature #42 (Closed): Time entries for a customer
06:37 AM ERPmine Feature #43 (Closed): CRM - Contacts with associated contacts
06:36 AM ERPmine Bug #44 (Closed): Main Menu shown all views
06:34 AM ERPmine Bug #45 (Closed): Edit Time entries from personal page crashes
06:31 AM ERPmine Bug #46 (Closed): Submit button is not showing up

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