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09:11 PM ERPmine Feature #58 (New): Attachments for CRM Entities
Have Attachments for Account, Contact, call them documents
09:10 PM ERPmine Feature #57 (New): Account for Issue
Keep a Account dropdown in the Additional section of Issue
09:08 PM ERPmine Bug #56 (Closed): No additional details on Issue
Need to keep a configuration so the additional detail son the issue page can be avoided
09:06 PM ERPmine Feature #55 (New): Main Location
Add a boolean called main (db), main office in the UI, so that location can be treated as the company. Move the logo...
08:32 PM ERPmine Feature #54 (New): Accounting Transaction Remember Previous values
Remember the previous values like date, transaction type and ledgers when entering transactions in bulk
08:31 PM ERPmine Feature #53 (New): Save and Continue for Accounting Transaction
When you are entering several transaction, it will be useful to have a save & continue feature
08:23 PM ERPmine Feature #52 (New): Short cut key for Accounting Transaction
Need short cut key for entering Accounting Transaction


06:09 PM ERPmine Feature #51 (New): Set Max limit on Deductions
For e.g., ESI has got a upper limit of Rs 21,000, when it grosses the upper limit, don't calculate
05:42 PM ERPmine Feature #50 (In Progress): Survey
Add Poll question, choices
Close poll
display poll results


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