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07:52 PM ERPmine Bug #451: Failed to upgrade from V4.5.1 -> V4.5.2/V4.6
Which version of Redmine are you using?
ERPmine v4.5.2 and v4.6 are only compatible with Redmine v5.0.x.
Please refer...
Arun T
07:49 PM ERPmine Wiki edit: Download (#42)
Arun T


11:55 AM ERPmine Feature #407 (Closed): when selecting invoice item type , issue will be display in drop down
In billing detail page,
Issues dropdown added for Invoice & expense,
Inventory items dropdown for Material,
Arun T


10:52 PM ERPmine Feature #445 (Closed): Approved leave request as a Hollyday when you edit a timesheet.
Completed Arun T
12:11 PM ERPmine Bug #448 (Closed): Translation in some language is wrong
Completed Arun T
12:10 PM ERPmine Feature #440 (Closed): Second link "New line" in the order/invoice/goods receipt input forms
Completed Arun T


12:41 PM ERPmine Feature #429 (Closed): Enable/Disable spoken amount in outgoing invoice
Added config called "hide amount in words" in general config. Arun T


10:40 AM ERPmine Feature #444 (Closed): we need to allow old employees in the referral list
Completed Arun T


11:05 AM ERPmine Bug #443 (Closed): change the main menu selection to HR in referral interview page
Completed Arun T
11:05 AM ERPmine Feature #447 (Closed): Add a interview type dropdown
Added interview type dropdown, options will be loaded from enumerations.
In Referral list page, the interviews will ...
Arun T

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