ERPmine v4.3 Released

Added by Arun T 3 months ago

Release Notes:

- Generate invoice for selected hours
- Show billed hours in invoice
- Project skills
- Add surcharge tax to Indian rule
- The lead conversion graph should show cumulative numbers
- Detail report for dashboard
- Payment terms in account project
- CSV for list pages
- Show inventory items consumption
- Delete option in payroll, invoice and payment
- German translation
- Add total estimation hours to spent time report
Bug fixes:
- Issue dropdown doesn't populate issues in timesheet
- Issue logger doesn't consider approved timesheet
- Product item report in spent time not loaded correctly
- Remove apply tax automatically in user setting page
- Scheduling shift link is not working
- Attendance entries are wrongly posted on report
- Over Head cost error in shipping module
- Cannot use material and expense spent types without time entry