ERPmine v3.9 Released

Added by Arun T over 1 year ago

- Income Tax Calculations
- Tax Report
- Add Group name for close current response in survey
- Add email notification for T&E admin in Leave request
- Show available leave hours in new leave request
- Add Date range filter for leave request
- Add cancel leave button in submitted leave request

Bug Fixing:
- Viewing survey result before closing
- CSV should have all data in transaction page
- Incorrect ESI Roundoff
- Sender's email ID shouldn't be used in Leave request emails
- Include survey name in email subject

ERPmine v3.8 Released

Added by Arun T almost 2 years ago

- Bulk edit for Clock-in & Clock-Out list page
- Additional component condition for payroll settings
- Attachments for CRM Entities
- Leave Request
- Close Current Responses for recur surveys
- Supervisor of Supervisor for review surveys
- Show Response text answers also in survey result

Bug Fixing:
- Incorrect P&L opening and closing balance in Balance Sheet report
- Show invoice & Payment number instead of database id for credit invoice description
- Don't show other users hyperlink to editor in survey response list
- Don't collapse the survey question section by default
- Restrict to select same dependent field in payroll salary settings
- Billing Internal page error
- Project dropdown is not working properly in Timesheet

ERPmine 3.7.1 Released (1 comment)

Added by Arun T about 2 years ago

- Sorting for all list pages
- Project for inventory module

Bug Fixing:
- Redesign inventory module
- Move shift tab to scheduling
- Balance sheet has zero amount
- Add Currency in asset report
- Join date in payroll list
- Freeze user name section in payroll user setting
- Recurrence and Reviewer check not required
- Result view for survey editors
- User Utilization is incorrectly showing 100%
- use billable projects for project profitability report
- Asset Report isn't pulling all the asset values during the period
- Converting lead directly on CRM isn't working properly. It doesn't list out on accounts page
- Unbilled invoice showing incorrect credit amounts
- Location dropdown values aren't retained in CRM module
- Invoice showing 'Accept payment' link incorrectly
- Survey Response details
- Survey Result for reviewer only questions also
- Hide ERPmine link in top menu

ERPmine 3.7 Released

Added by Dhanasingh Krishnapandian about 2 years ago

- Employee Performance Review
- User Utilization Report
- Project profitability Report
- Trial Balance Report
- CSV format for Accounting Transactions
- T&E Admin Groups config in permissions page

Bug Fixing:
- Null pointer in product item controller and view
- Account filter not working on Billing page
- Permission for public holiday
- Leave Accruals happening before first year
- Administrator should see the permissions page
- Activity dropdown not loading properly
- Mixed currency in AR Ageing Report
- Remove view accounts and view survey permission from roles and permission

ERPmine 3.6 Released

Added by Redmine Admin over 2 years ago

- Payroll - bulk edit of salary for individual employees
- Save and Continue for Accounting Transaction
- Main Location as company
- Billable Projects in Project / Account
- Notify Users to take the Survey
- CSV Report on Payroll list page
- Preview unpaid salary
- Payroll Bank Report
- Surveys for Projects and issues
- Move Permissions to Settings tab
Bug Fixing:
- Double entry on preview bill

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x.
The current release can be downloaded from Downloads Page or Github

ERPmine 3.3 Released

Added by Redmine Admin about 3 years ago

- Supervisor feature
- Issue view is introduced for Timesheets
- Multiple Assignee for issue
- The time entries can be specified for a customer
- Related contacts for contact

Bug Fixing:
- Main menu shown in all the views
- Crash when editing time entries on personal page

ERPmine 3.2.1 Released

Added by Redmine Admin over 3 years ago

Bug Fixing:
- Submit button for time sheets doesn't show up.
- A new leave couldn't be configured from the plugin config page.


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