ERPmine 3.7.1 Released

Added by Arun T over 1 year ago

- Sorting for all list pages
- Project for inventory module

Bug Fixing:
- Redesign inventory module
- Move shift tab to scheduling
- Balance sheet has zero amount
- Add Currency in asset report
- Join date in payroll list
- Freeze user name section in payroll user setting
- Recurrence and Reviewer check not required
- Result view for survey editors
- User Utilization is incorrectly showing 100%
- use billable projects for project profitability report
- Asset Report isn't pulling all the asset values during the period
- Converting lead directly on CRM isn't working properly. It doesn't list out on accounts page
- Unbilled invoice showing incorrect credit amounts
- Location dropdown values aren't retained in CRM module
- Invoice showing 'Accept payment' link incorrectly
- Survey Response details
- Survey Result for reviewer only questions also
- Hide ERPmine link in top menu


Added by Nabil Alaoui over 1 year ago

Thanks for the frequent updates, Arun! Do you guys have a donation page?

Nabil (for contact details, I'm a pet portrait artist when I'm not coding lol)
CS Student - Chalmers University of Technology