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05:00 PM ERPmine Bug #123 (Rejected): Need Year to date(YTD) average value in User Utilization Report
the year to date average can be obtained if we are choosing the year begining as the begin date Dhanasingh Krishnapandian


08:37 PM ERPmine Bug #119: Hide other users hyperlink to Editor
- Hyperlink should show for Supervisor/ Supervisor of supervisor (only for reviewable surveys) Dhanasingh Krishnapandian


11:28 AM Resident Wiki edit: Download (#9)
Dhanasingh Krishnapandian
11:09 AM ERPmine Wiki edit: Download (#15)
Dhanasingh Krishnapandian


07:32 PM ERPmine Bug #117 (Closed): Report text answers also
Show text answers in the survey report
have a field 'notinreport' do not show in report, checkbox
have a print butt...
Dhanasingh Krishnapandian
07:22 PM ERPmine Feature #116 (Closed): Close Current Responses
For recurring surveys, have an hyperlink called 'close current responses', this will set a group id in the response t... Dhanasingh Krishnapandian


01:32 PM ERPmine Bug #67: Redesign tabs of Inventory Module
category also should be in the right nav Dhanasingh Krishnapandian
01:28 PM ERPmine Bug #96 (Rejected): Date on Attendance Report
Dhanasingh Krishnapandian


01:23 PM ERPmine Bug #114 (Closed): Survey Result for Reviewer only questions also
Survey Result should be there for Reviewer only questions also Dhanasingh Krishnapandian
01:20 PM ERPmine Bug #105: Result view for survey editors
Survey Editors would be able to see the Responses also Dhanasingh Krishnapandian

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