Dhanasingh Krishnapandian

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08:15 PM ERPmine Feature #50: Survey
Survey will have questions
questions will have choices
each choice will have a point
Survey can be used for polls ...
08:11 PM ERPmine Feature #19 (Closed): Quote Section in RFQ
08:10 PM ERPmine Bug #60 (Closed): change SVG charts too charts.js
08:09 PM ERPmine Bug #9 (Closed): Payroll module- User Setting- Total Factor for each employees
07:59 PM ERPmine Bug #61 (New): Move Permissions to Settings tab
Move the permission for Accounting, CRM, Billing, Purchasing to the Settings -> Permissions tab


11:56 AM ERPmine Bug #23 (Closed): Without PO not able to create supplier invoice
11:55 AM ERPmine Bug #3 (Closed): Auto Post Description for payment
11:54 AM ERPmine Bug #2 (Rejected): Auto ESI calculation from gross salary


11:06 AM ERPmine Bug #56 (Closed): No additional details on Issue
11:05 AM ERPmine Bug #60 (Closed): change SVG charts too charts.js
Change the SVG charts in dashboard too charts.js

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