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09:33 PM ERPmine Feature #31 (Closed): Need Location dropdown on Log Material
Need to have Location dropdown on Log Material screen. Once the location is chosen, only the items from that locatio...
09:31 PM ERPmine Bug #30 (Closed): Rename Overhead Price to Overhaed Cost
Rename Overhead Price to Overhead Cost


07:47 PM ERPmine Bug #29 (Closed): Cost Price should be used for posting to Accounting
When spent material is posted to Accounting, its cost price should be used for posting, the difference (SP - CP) shou...
07:43 PM ERPmine Bug #28 (New): Fixed Cost Projects should not include material in invoice
The invoice of a fixed cost project should include the spent material cost on it
07:42 PM ERPmine Feature #27 (Closed): Log Expenses
Make the sets log expenses to an issue directly instead of using expense sheet.
The spent expense and Report should ...
07:38 PM ERPmine Feature #26 (In Progress): Asset Management
07:38 PM ERPmine Feature #26 (Closed): Asset Management
Add a new module called Asset Management.
Assets will be added to the system, they can used on an issue at an hourly...
07:23 PM ERPmine Feature #18 (Closed): Inventory Module


03:04 PM ERPmine Wiki edit: ERPmine (#47)


10:33 AM ERPmine Bug #25 (New): SettingsControllerPatch should be available only for ERPmine
The patch SettingsControllerPatch should work only for ermine plugin, not for other plugins, possibly use a IF statem...

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