ERPmine: ERPmine 3.6 Released

Added by Redmine Admin 29 days ago

- Payroll - bulk edit of salary for individual employees
- Save and Continue for Accounting Transaction
- Main Location as company
- Billable Projects in Project / Account
- Notify Users to take the Survey
- CSV Report on Payroll list page
- Preview unpaid salary
- Payroll Bank Report
- Surveys for Projects and issues
- Move Permissions to Settings tab
Bug Fixing:
- Double entry on preview bill

Compatible with Redmine 4.0.x.
The current release can be downloaded from Downloads Page or Github

ERPmine: ERPmine 3.3 Released

Added by Redmine Admin 10 months ago

- Supervisor feature
- Issue view is introduced for Timesheets
- Multiple Assignee for issue
- The time entries can be specified for a customer
- Related contacts for contact

Bug Fixing:
- Main menu shown in all the views
- Crash when editing time entries on personal page

ERPmine: ERPmine 3.2.1 Released

Added by Redmine Admin over 1 year ago

Bug Fixing:
- Submit button for time sheets doesn't show up.
- A new leave couldn't be configured from the plugin config page.


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