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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
294 ERPmine Bug New Normal Getting old contract number in invoice. 02/23/2021 03:18 PM Actions
293 ERPmine Support New Normal No Material in Invoice 02/21/2021 05:56 PM Actions
290 ERPmine Mobile Feature New Normal Show Tick mark for paid invoice in list page Arun T 02/05/2021 10:30 PM Actions
289 ERPmine Mobile Bug New Normal Groups dropdown not selecting in clock page Arun T 02/05/2021 10:26 PM Actions
288 ERPmine Mobile Feature New Normal Show demarcation between the list and filters layer Arun T 02/05/2021 09:29 PM Actions
287 ERPmine Mobile Bug New Normal The CRM sub tabs need to be shortened Arun T 02/05/2021 09:18 PM Actions
286 ERPmine Mobile Feature New Normal Accounts and survey list page need icon Arun T 02/05/2021 09:10 PM Actions
284 ERPmine Mobile Bug New Normal Add icon to account transfer page Arun T 01/25/2021 06:14 PM Actions
283 ERPmine Mobile Bug New Normal Notifications should be a separate layer Arun T 01/25/2021 05:41 PM Actions
280 ERPmine Feature New Normal Target display of consumption within an article 01/12/2021 01:00 PM Actions
279 ERPmine Bug New Normal Dropdown values are not stable after render the list Arun T 01/08/2021 05:16 PM Actions
276 ERPmine Bug New Normal The debit account for payroll should not be visible if the accounting is disabled Arun T 12/17/2020 03:29 PM Actions
275 ERPmine Feature New Normal Need to calculate tax automatically when somebody gets a increment Arun T 12/16/2020 10:35 AM Actions
274 ERPmine Feature New Normal Exclude modules from groups Arun T 12/16/2020 10:02 AM Actions
273 ERPmine Feature New Normal Reimbursements Arun T 12/16/2020 09:53 AM Actions
265 ERPmine Bug New Normal Separate the total and remove the unwanted space in reports Arun T 11/19/2020 02:16 PM Actions
264 ERPmine Feature New Normal Show narration on mouse over for transaction tab in accounting Arun T 11/19/2020 05:38 PM Actions
260 ERPmine Bug New Normal Map alignment issue in CRM Arun T 01/22/2021 11:47 AM Actions
256 ERPmine Feature New Normal Exit Checklist 01/28/2021 05:47 PM Actions
255 ERPmine Bug New Normal Unapprove button is missing Arun T 02/22/2021 04:57 PM Actions
253 ERPmine Bug New Normal Need to default Unit of Messure value in shipment page Arun T 01/22/2021 11:45 AM Actions
247 ERPmine Bug New Normal In Depreciation, Written down value method should take calculation from purchase value Arun T 10/29/2020 11:20 AM Actions
245 ERPmine Feature New Normal CSV for list pages Arun T 01/28/2021 05:48 PM Actions
244 ERPmine Feature New Normal CSV for detail page Arun T 01/28/2021 05:49 PM Actions
234 ERPmine Mobile Bug New Normal Center the map in clock in list page Arun T 01/22/2021 03:14 PM Actions
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