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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
38ERPmineBugNewNormalEmpty String for Checklist pluginDhinesh Rajasekar12/18/2017 08:05 PM
37ERPmineBugNewNormalNil error in timelogcontroller_patch.rb:42Dhinesh Rajasekar12/18/2017 08:02 PM
36ERPmineBugNewNormaluninstall failsDhinesh Rajasekar12/18/2017 07:59 PM
35ERPmineFeatureNewNormalWK User ObjectDhinesh Rajasekar11/21/2017 05:32 PM
34ERPmineFeatureNewNormalSchedulingKarthick Madhiazhagan11/21/2017 05:21 PM
33ERPmineFeatureNewNormalFailure prediction for AssetsKarthick Madhiazhagan11/21/2017 05:24 PM
32ERPmineFeatureNewHighAccounting module - Drop down list box for account typeKarthick Madhiazhagan11/16/2017 04:27 PM
28ERPmineBugNewNormalFixed Cost Projects should not include material in invoiceDhinesh Rajasekar11/16/2017 04:49 PM
25ERPmineBugNewNormalSettingsControllerPatch should be available only for ERPmineDhinesh Rajasekar11/16/2017 04:50 PM
24ERPmineBugNewNormalBilling- dublicate values in unbilled invoice when it is not a itemized bill 11/16/2017 04:54 PM
23ERPmineFeatureNewNormalWithout PO not able to create supplier invoice 11/27/2017 01:47 PM
22ERPmineFeatureNewLowNo opening and closing balance in P&L item07/18/2017 04:26 PM
21ERPmineBugNewNormalRename Account to Supplier on Purchasing ScreensKarthick Madhiazhagan09/13/2017 07:39 PM
20ERPmineBugNewNormalWinning Note should be visible only for Winning QuoteKarthick Madhiazhagan11/16/2017 05:00 PM
19ERPmineFeatureNewNormalQuote Section in RFQKarthick Madhiazhagan11/27/2017 01:46 PM
17ERPmineFeatureNewNormalPreview for payroll06/28/2017 03:27 PM
16ERPmineFeatureNewNormalPayroll - Total for List page06/28/2017 03:26 PM
15ERPmineFeatureNewNormalIn Pay Roll - Bank report06/20/2017 01:02 PM
12ERPmineBugNewNormalissue dropdown in new invoice page05/29/2017 05:22 PM
11ERPmineBugNewNormalNo delete option for payment 05/29/2017 05:20 PM
10ERPmineFeatureNewNormalIn Attendance module - Clock-in & Clock-Out editable in list page 05/29/2017 05:18 PM
9ERPmineFeatureNewNormalPayroll module- User Setting- Total Factor for each employees05/29/2017 05:18 PM
8ERPmineFeatureNewNormalPayroll calculation for 22 days05/29/2017 05:16 PM
5ERPmineFeatureNewNormalpayroll module-Edit box in user setting for all individual employees05/29/2017 05:10 PM
4ERPmineFeatureNewNormalNo Currency sign in AR report 05/29/2017 05:10 PM
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